Chairman Message - Akbar Academy                     

Letter from the CEO & Chairman Mr.K.V Abdul Nazar

Dear Students,
Welcome to the exciting world of Travel & Tourism . Akbar Academy was established in the year 2006 to prepare well trained professionals to serve the ever growing Travel & Tourism industry.Since its inception, Akbar Academy has trained thousands of students who are now serving various segments of Travel & Tourism industry in India and the Middle East. This is an ever changing industry with new destinations to be discovered in all continents. With space tourism looming large in the horizon, the sky is not the limit for the adventurous traveller. The induction of new technology in all areas of Travel & Tourism makes it imperative for all participants in this business to get regularly trained to keep pace with this dynamic industry. Akbar Academy has been recognized as "Premiere Circle Member" among the Authorised Training Centres by International Air Transport Association, Montreal. Whatever be your aspirations in joining the Travel & Tourism industry, I am sure our team at Akbar Academy will do their best to train you to achieve your goal.

With Best Wishes,
K.V Abdul Nazar,
Chairman & Managing Director,
Akbar Group